Accreditations - IEC Certifications

ASTA or 'Association of Short-Circuit Authorities' in full, is an international benchmarking standards that awards its ASTA certificates and endorsed reports that are only available through testing at ‘recognized’ testing facilities that have been rigorously assessed by ASTA.

ASTA Certificates are the only certificates that are signed by an ASTA Observer who is technically responsible to ASTA for the performance and reporting of the tests and not to the testing station.

ASTA Full Type Test Certification IEC 60439-1

  630A             1600A          4000A

  800A             2000A          5000A

  1000A          2500A           6000A

1250A           3200A 

 Withdrawable MCC

ASTA Certificate of Verification Tests to IEC61439-2

  1250A             3200A

  1600A           4000A 

   2000A          5000A 

   2500A          6000A 

ASTA Certs IEC 61641

  ASTA Internal Fault Test 5000A 

ASTA Certificate of Short Circuit Rating IEC 439-1

  3200A Short Circuit